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Reginald Gabriel is here thanks to God and Dr. Edwards. We love her and her staff!


Dr. Edwards is the best doctor I have had the experience with. She is caring, thoughtful, and very professional. We love her!


Dear Dr. Edwards, Dr. Laffineuse, Maria & Staff, Thank you all for the superb care! We really enjoyed all of our visits and had fun watching our little man grow through the sonograms.

M. & J. A.

The expertise of you and your team was carried through to us in the way that all the information was presented and discussed during the various stages of the pregnancy. This approach helped ease our concern and reduce any unnecessary stress.

J. & S. T.

Our new baby is special and so are you. Thank you for sharing our excitement. Dr. Edwards,We thank you for all your help, you made everything easy for us and also a very special experience for us as well. We would like to thank you for your gift. So glad you met Jacob he is truly the best thing that happened to us and you were a part of that. Thank you

R. and S. S.

Thank you so much for looking after our precious baby girls! – We sincerely thank you.

S. and D. J.

Dear Drs. Edwards, Laffineuse and Staff – Thank you so much for all your excellent care the past several months. We’re grateful that our daughter arrived safe and sound and know that you played a large role in this. She is a total joy, and we look forward to introducing her to you one day soon.All the best.

A. J. and A. H.

Dr. Laffineuse – Thank you so much for your kind and caring attitude during my care, not to mention your hard work and wonderful medical treatment .As a medical resident I know all too well what can go wrong; I was so scared. Zayn is doing great thank god!

E. M. and Z.

To the Doctors and Staff at Florida Perinatal Center – Thank you for the special and personal care with which you treated me during this exciting, but sometimes difficult time; the arrival of happy and healthy Baby Matthew made it all worthwhile. Thank you for being a part of our journey. With much appreciation.

S.D. and S.V.

Dr. Edwards & Staff – Thank you for everything you did to set our minds at ease during my pregnancy. Your testing and expertise helped to make my pregnancy a positive experience. We wish you and your associates lots of happiness and success! Thanks again.

B.J. and J.